Passion and Dedication to Music Learning!


Cynthia is a classically trained harpist and pianist who has been performing on both instruments since childhood. She is a graduate of the University of Minnesota, with B.S. degrees in Music Education and Music Therapy. A well-respected performer, teacher and early childhood music specialist, Cynthia has extensive experience teaching piano, harp and preschool music classes. Cynthia is on the faculty of Center for Community Arts in Walnut Creek, CA where she teaches private lessons, group piano classes and preschool music classes. In addition she teaches privately in her studio in Benicia, CA and is a vendor for Valley View Charter Prep and Visions in Education.

Seeing the need for children’s musical experiences to start before formal music lessons begin, she researched, than began her preschool music program called “Notes to Grow On!”. These classes are designed to lay down the foundations of music through fun, energetic activities that emphasize rhythm and tuneful singing to preschoolers. Numerous studies indicate that music classes like these have many cognitive, academic and social benefits, besides the intrinsic value of music and musical growth.

Each student is unique and lessons are tailored to the individual. A combination of traditional teaching methods as well as a more contemporary chordal approach is used. Music theory, ear training and technique are weaved into the musical training through a creative and supportive environment. My goal is to encourage and support all my students no matter what their musical interests are. I spend a great deal of time researching new repertoire and apps that will make learning music fun and rewarding.

Cynthia is a well respected performer and popular free lance artist, with over 3500 performances to her credit. For over 30 years Cynthia has had an opportunity to perform extensively for; private clubs, wineries, hotels, business events, and weddings. In addition she has been a featured soloist for numerous concerts. Cynthia performs many solo engagements using her classical harp or Celtic harp and has also played in combination with a vocalist and/or flute, violin, bass or drums. Cynthia's love for music has led her to a broad repertoire; classical, jazz, pop, Celtic, folk and sacred music. Cynthia has released two CD's that have been well received; "Celestial Noel", for the Christmas season, and "Heartfelt Favorites".

In addition to teaching and performing Cynthia maintains her strong interest in music therapy and the powerful effects music has on people of all abilities. Cynthia is a member of numerous professional music organizations and continues to expand her love of music through teaching, performing, recording, composing and arranging music.


"The fact that children make beautiful music is less significant than the fact that music makes beautiful children." 

  • Jean Ashworth Bartle

 My goal is to have students enjoy learning through a nurturing, supportive and fun environment. Music brings enjoyment and meaning to life and I want to encourage active music making and a life long love of music learning! 

There are so many reasons to learn to play piano/harp! I strongly believe that learning the piano and harp will enrich you and your child's life in so many ways. Numerous studies indicate that there are many academic, cognitive and emotional benefits for young and old alike. However you look at it, music is a wonderful gift to give to yourself or your child. 

“I believe that the study of an instrument can be incredibly fulfilling, whether you dream of a career on the concert stage or simply want music to be a meaningful part of your life."                    

                                                        Emanuel Ax

Check this out!


   This is a great article with a short video (around 5 minutes) about how music stimulates the brain. The video depicts  how neuroscientists have found that just listening to music activates both hemispheres of the brain but playing music is equivalent to a "massive full brain workout"  ​                                              

It is so rewarding working with families for so many years!

I had the honor of working with Roy and Raj for 10 years!

Thank you sincerely for teaching us piano for these many years. Even though we may not take lessons anymore piano will continue in our lives for as long as we live. Thank you for showing us the way! We will always remember everything you taught us


Roy and Raj